Vegan Mini Brownie Box


Our vegan brownie box… in miniature! Will fit through a standard letterbox, making it an ideal choice if you are not at home to receive deliveries. Box contains one slab of gift wrapped brownie.

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Amaretto and Almond Brownie: A sweet, nutty brownie topped with whole toasted almonds and rich amaretto liqueur throughout. (Contains nuts, gluten, and sulphites. May contain traces of peanuts and sesame). Traditional almond brownie available (alcohol free).

Coconut and Malibu Brownie: A summery brownie with a delicate coconut flavour reminiscent of cocktails on hot summer days. (Contains gluten and sulphur dioxide. May contain traces of nuts and sesame.) Traditional coconut brownie available (alcohol free).

Black Forest and Kirsch Brownie: A rich brownie laced with kirsch and pieces of sweet cherry. (Contains gluten and sulphites. May contain traces of nuts, peanuts, sesame, celery and mustard). Traditional black forest brownie available (alcohol free).

Prosecco and Raspberry Brownie: Chocolate and Prosecco combine for the ultimate indulgence, with refreshing pieces of raspberry. (Contains gluten and sulphites. May contain traces of nuts).

Biscoff with Speculaas Liqueur: A spiced, Christmassy brownie with warming Speculaas liqueur, and swirled with generous amounts of decadent Biscoff. (Contains gluten and soya. May contain traces of nuts). Traditional Spiced Biscoff Brownie available (alcohol free).

Chocolate Brownie: A traditional, rich brownie with an indulgent, gooey centre. (Contains gluten. May contain traces of nuts. Does not contain alcohol).

Please note- our vegan brownies do not contain any animal products and as such are vegan friendly, however they are not certified vegan.


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