2 Vegan Brownies in a Gift Box

The perfect box of brownies if you just can't choose between 2 of your favourite flavours. This box contains a pair of brownies, meaning you can enjoy twice the amount of brownie to the mini boxes!

Available in 10 vegan flavours that vary seasonally, our chunky brownies are the perfect treat for yourself, or a surprise for a loved one. 

Each box contains 2 generous slabs of brownie measuring 15×10 cm each. They are sent in a beautiful gift box, with the option of a personalised handwritten card or gift tag, via next day delivery, so you can be sure to enjoy your brownie delivery whilst they are still at their freshest and most delicious! 

Have a browse of our flavours, you might just find that one box of brownies through the post simply isn’t enough!

Please note our brownies are vegan friendly as they do not contain any animal products, but they are not currently certified vegan. 

Vegan Half and Half Brownie Box

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