Top 10 things you'll relate to if you have a brownie addiction

    Just love brownies oh so much? Here is a list you might just relate to.... 
  1. Easter is your favourite celebration of the year. Hands down. And not for any great life affirming reason to do with Spring and new life… but because of all the CHOCOLATE!
  2. You don’t even look at the dessert menu when you eat out, you just go ahead and order the brownie straight away- I mean why fix it if it isn’t broken right??
  3. You have possibly… maybe…definitely been known to make a brownie in the microwave when you found yourself caught short of your afternoon brownie fix.
  4. If you had the option, you would skip the savoury food and jump straight to brownies for every meal, oh wait, do most people not do that already?!
  5. You really wish someone would look at you the way you look at a warm, gooey piece of brownie
  6. You would never be found without a sneaky brownie in your bag, in case of emergency.
  7. You spend a large amount of every day planning what exciting and ambitious new brownie combinations you could try to bake/ eat…. 3 layer brookie anyone?!
  8. You will share absolutely anything with your friends and family… except your brownies, they can get their own!
  9. You would happily have brownies for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and the odd snack inbetween.
  10. The sound of a brownie box dropping through your letterbox is just the sound of pure heaven!

Now let’s stop listing why you are addicted to brownies… go and enjoy your piece of chunky, handmade brownie!