We will be closed from the 24th June- 4th of July for a summer break!! Please note any brownies ordered during this time will be sent out on the 5th July :-) Thank you so much for your support! xx

Reasons why you should probably (definitely) take out a brownie subscription...

As our brownie subscription boxes are ever gaining popularity we thought we’d discuss why taking out a brownie subscription might just be one of the best decisions you could make.

  1. Brownies magically appear. Every month. At your house. Without you having to do anything. So whether you are having a good or bad day, you can guarantee it’ll look at lot brighter after a brownie subscription delivery.
  2. You get to try all the delicious flavours. How on earth do you choose a brownie flavour when there are so many to choose between? But the joy of a subscription is that you get to try a different selection of flavours each month, and you might just find your new favourite to order for next time!
  3. You get exciting post. Add some chocolatey thrill to your post deliveries. Forget about fliers, bills and catalogues, now you can have some post that you are really excited to open. Just don’t tell your neighbours what’s in your parcel, or you might find some going walkies!
  4. It’s the gift that just keeps on giving. If you gift someone a brownie subscription, rather than just opening it once, they get a gift that they can keep receiving over the course of the next few months. Which means they get brownies and you get… brownie points!
  5. You get reduced brownies. Over the course of a brownie subscription it is considerably cheaper per brownie than to buy them as individual boxes, meaning that you can enjoy your boozy brownie in the smug knowledge that you got it reduced. The only way to make a gooey slab of brownie taste even sweeter.