Ingredients- Why our brownies are what they eat.

If you are what you eat, a gooey chocolate brownie isn’t a bad thing to be! But here at The Boozie Brownie Co, we think it’s all about what that brownie is made of that counts the most. A lot of big food producers have become very good at making artificial flavourings and preservatives taste really good! But they aren’t the kind of thing that you would usually bake with and we wanted our artisan brownies to be a taste of home-baked yumminess delivered to your door. Our brownies are made with basic, recognisable ingredients that you would find in your cupboard at home- chocolate, cocoa powder, butter etc… you get the idea! We also figured that within a brownie, the chocolate is hands down the star of the show. The other flavours enhance and set the chocolate off, but for a truly decadent letterbox brownie, it has to be made with some good stuff! It’s for this reason that we only use Becolade and Lindt chocolate in our brownies, both well-regarded chocolatiers that know what they are doing– after all they have 208 combined years of chocolate making experience behind them! Our monthly chocolate delivery is definitely a highlight at the bakery- bags of rich smelling chocolate being left for us to make into our artisan brownies!

            As well as buying quality for our brownies, we also try to buy ethically wherever we can. Our cocoa powder is organic, from certified, sustainable sources and brought from reputable suppliers to ensure its provenance. We also feel really strongly about animal welfare, and for this reason our eggs are sourced from a local free range egg farm, full of happy chickens roaming around spacious, grass covered enclosures. The farm is located on top of a hill, so they even have a fantastic view to enjoy!

            We really hope you love our brownies as much as we love making them, and that you can taste the quality of our ingredients, right from the free range eggs, all the way through to the decadent boozie twist!